The Reasons Why I Travel The World

Why do I want to? Why? What are the reasons to travel the world?

Because I want to find myself.

Because I need to find my purpose in life.

I mean… these are all the cliché reasons to travel the globe that people always hear. But I think these also sound like lame excuses you pull on when you’re breaking up with that someone you’ve never really been in love with in the first place. Trust me, I’ve heard it (ew). So I just want to talk about my own reasons why I travel (that would probably also contains some clichés).

So one day, at 2 am in the morning while I was lying in bed and looking up at the ceiling, I ask myself what are the motivating reasons for people to go traveling? Does it have to be now? Is it just for the sake of escaping the 9-5? Or Is it because I seek something else? Happiness? So I try to trace back on all of my previous travels and try to (over) analyze it.

I caught my first travel bug when I was in the ninth grade. I was traveling for the first time ever to the United States to learn English in a two weeks course. After going home, I constantly daydreamed about my next adventure, which, fortunately, materialized into reality a few times after that trip.  I realized then that the daydreaming always happens to me every time I have been home too long. So the more I think about it, the more  I become aware that there are so much this world can offer. So many places I have not been.

A lot of curiosity and a few sacks of wanderlust

Photo by Juliana Kozoski

Yep, here’s my first of many reasons to travel, I don’t think I could bear leaving this world before I see the what lays on it. I know that this is the thing that If I didn’t do, I would totally regret when I’m on my deathbed (by the way, feel free to use this for another lame excuse to break up with someone, but guaranteed this would be the lamest of all).

So I think that’s where the itch to keep traveling comes from, simply because I want to see what is out there. Honestly, I think it is the truest intention that originates from the purest curiosity of my childhood, way back when I didn’t know if there was more of this earth than this country I have been living in. As I grow up, I learned that the world is wide and very different than where I come from, full of people who are very different than me and I just have the need to understand why.

To learn more so I could understand more

Photo by Ibrahim Rifath

I can tell you one of the best experiences of traveling for me is always those trips that teach me something. Those adventures where I am completely immersed in cultures that I know nothing about or like that one time when I was lost with a dead phone and almost embarrassingly cry on the street until a group of Aussie kids made it their life mission to walk me home. After a long walk with them, I became fluent in speaking Australian slangs.  There is also that time when I somehow found myself learning how to communicate with sign language while drinking coffee with strangers. It never ceases to amaze me how much knowledge that I got from traveling, things that I would never learn in classrooms.

Every each one person that I met, places that I visited encourage me to open my eyes and understand how the world works from different point of views. The weird thing? All these differences make me noticed more of how we are all just kind of the same after all. We’re all human, we eat and sleep to function properly. We have brains to think, emotions to feel, you know? But at the same time we look different, we have different opinions, we speak different languages, we eat different foods and we do some things that are considered weird to each other. which is the beauty of it all!

Celebrating life, appreciating this world

Photo by Nqobile Vundla

I think my journey of discovering this world is a way for me to be thankful and be happy that I exist right now to enjoy all of this. You know, I feel like sometimes we take this world for granted, we take our time for granted and never really seize the day. So for me, traveling is like a constant reminder that screams “Go! Live your life! right now!”. Yep right now, because now is always the best time to start because now you still have the time, then go spend it wisely. Make your way around life and those societal expectations and just live for yourself.

And what better way of celebrating life than to just do whatever it is you want to do? So maybe another reason to travel is just to travel for the heck of it. I travel because I want to, because it’s fun and I love doing it! it’s as simple as that. I guess it applies to everything, not only traveling. Maybe I shouldn’t have to wonder why I do it and just do it! because there is no right or wrong when it comes to following your dreams or your passion (but if your desire is to cut people, be creepy and doing weird illegal things then please lock yourself in a room and don’t follow it HA).

Now, I want to know your reasons to travel! So how about you? Why do you travel?

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