Hello There!

Hey you! Thank you so much for feeding your curiosity by clicking this page. I guess I am going to answer your question, now that you’re here let me introduce myself, my name is Intan Ertifanny. What a weird name, right? that’s probably because it is a very Indonesian name which means diamond (no one cares lol).

I’ve lived 22 years around the sun and while it has been a very happy life so far, I decided that I want more out of life. For me personally, it has always been seeing what’s out there and experiencing the world. Yes just like other billion people in this world, I want to spend my days in completely unfamiliar places.

Traveling is like an itch that I have to scratch, it’s always there in the back of my mind. At times it could be ignored as life gets in the way (meaning growing up, going to school, conforming to societal expectations) but somehow during these 22 years I have been fortunate enough to learn English in the States, do some cultural exchange and travel through the UK and a few countries in western Europe, visited just a few countries in Asia and study abroad in Australia for a semester. Oh and also I live in Indonesia, a country blessed with unbelievably mesmerizing natures and cultures that I have access to without any immigration hassle!

Amazingly, having these experiences make me even wonder more about other parts of the earth that I’ve never walked on or the foods that I never tasted or the different kind of people that I have never met! Now that I’m on the verge of completing my business management degree, I am facing the fact that this is the time that I have to get a grip of my own life and truly live by my truth and desire.

Ertifannywanders is a place for me to share my journey of adulting and pursuing my passion of wandering the world. It is an outlet for me to tell my stories about how to experience different cultures, what I’ve learned from living abroad, traveling mistakes, planning trips or how to afford traveling, all the fun things! Even better the fact that I am still learning and starting this just as you are right now, trying to find out ways to travel as much and as long as we can. Then I think it would be amazing to find out what works together!

Also answering the question: Is it too late to start a blog in 2018? I guess the answer is no because I started this and it’s here, but you know what I mean, like will anyone ever read this? haha, I’ve been blogging on and off since 2011 but it is very different right now! So, if you’re a new blogger, let’s join forces and learn from each other! shoot me an email or just fill out these forms, say hi! so we can be friends and find out ways how we can be successful together! Cheers!!